The average cost of RFID event race timing,

before bibs.

At present, less than 50% of the over 26,000 annual timed running events in the United States use RFID timing technology. This is due to a high initial investment and a layer software that locks you into one brand of RFID reader and antenna manufacture.

Spend $10,000+


Purchase standard RFID hardware in a clunky, heavy case.

Complex Software


Windows only, no scoring,  why do you need 2-3  programs to run an event?

$1 RFID Chips


Most timers can’t find chips less than a buck, and they need to cover cost so most directors see this cost passed off.

Expensive, Complicated, Bulky RFID

Stops. Right. Here.

Welcome to the worlds 1st multi manufacture RFID system

We at bibs specialize in software development, let the hardware manufactures do what they do best, and we’ll help you tie into more features, more savings, and ultimately the ability to service more events!

A Local Network


Every bibs RFID unit creates it’s own local network, for wireless data transfer, and reliable way to access results via tablet or nearby laptop.



Use a Mac, a PC, an Android, iPhone, run your race from a device you’re comfortable with.

More Features


Scoring built in, Volunteer mode, director mode, change, add, and edit runners easily on the fly from your mobile device.

80% cheaper


Our RFID systems cost 70-80% less than the average RFID system on the market. Time more events and bring RFID into new areas of the market that have been long waiting!

Rent Units


Don’t want to buy a unit, just need one shipped to you in 2 days? No problem, how many chips do you need? We can have your event upgraded in no time!

Low Pricing


We’ve partnered with all the top industry RFID manufactures, Impinj, Motorola, Times 7, ThingMagic. Allowing us to deliver RFID chips for half the cost!

We are proud to annouce an official partnership with the largest online RFID retailer


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