Running Stores & RFID Renting

By using BOLT RFID software you can connect ANY available RFID reader/antenna on the market for up to 80% of current costs



  • Rent RFID directly to Event Directors from your running store

  • Become the tech hub of your local running community.

  • Event directors and timers come in to demo.

  • Athletes com in for Packet Pick UP.

  • You own the system, bibs sends RFID chips as you need them!

  • Sell RFID tags to events for between $1-$1.5 while maintaining up to 50% margins


We have been developing our bibs platform over the past couple of years and we’re confident setting up the Bolt RFID system is as easy as making sure it’s charged, the antennas are plugged in, and the unit is turned on. The bibs ecosystem and software has little to no learning curve, explore the new world of intuitive RFID software, enjoy less stress on race day, and a more enhanced event experience.

Be the 1st Running Store In Your Area To Rent!

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