The Team


Mandy Gragg

Editor in Chief, bibs Blog | Social Media 

Mandy is by far the most badass person at bibs so her pic is at the top. She’s been racing on the track and trails for over 15 years, and is currently studying to take her ACE and RRCA certifications for personal training and run coaching. Trained by her ultra-marathoner father, this former Marine runs a half before 7am just because you don’t. Mandy heads our blog, authors her own fitness and beauty blog, Running Pretty SF, and makes sure bibs is tied into the local and national running scene on social media.

Ayall Sagi

Supply Chain – Manufacturer Relations

Ayall has been deep in the cuts with supply chain management and developed tactics for industry leaders such as Caterpillar, Cisco, and Seagate. With over a decade of experience in the operations field, Ayall is making sure bibs is ready to rock in our strategic enterprise relationships.


Galen Danziger

Co-Founder | CTO

Galen throws down the majority of raw binary power located within the bibs crew. A computational physicist out of UC Davis, Galen leads our hardware, research and development, conducts hiring, training, coding, and takes everything entirely too literally.

Brandon Stewart

Biz Dev Lead – Project Management

Over a decade in sales and marketing experience, Brandon heads marketing, creates our brand, built and maintains our website, helps with design and front-end code, and leads product development on the hardware side; creating the cases we put the RFID tech in


Craig Conway

Platform and Data Architect

An Internet application and data specialist with a proven record of bringing software to the masses. Craig ensures our API and data platform are in top condition and ready to run the distance!

James Patrick McLain

Co-Founder | CEO

Pat came up with an idea, an idea called Pocket Time but that named sucked so we changed it to bibs. Pat doesn’t sleep and is the engine behind the beast we are creating. He’s also our main app programmer and helps out wherever necessary. Owning a few business, both in the States and in Africa, Pat helps make the show happen.


So Choi

Front-end Developer

UC Davis alum and Bay Area native. Lives to eat, travels to eat. Roams SF neighborhoods in search of best food, beer, and cocktails. So might be found at local Hackathons or at Folsom Street Foundry playing League of Legends.

Tina Woodford


With a degree from UC Santa Cruz and half a decade worth of marketing and tech experience in big names such as Broadcom, Tina easily adjusted to the fast paced, hard working mentality here at bibs. Tina deals with marketing and communications and works directly with race timers and directors, while keeping the bibs app looking updated and fresh.